P 210

The P210 is one of teh most accurate pistols in the world and very famous among excellent shooters all around the world.
In the decades of production of the SIG 210 the frame has undergone several developments which are reflected in variations to our grips.

SIG P210

I. Contour of the frame

Within the years the frame contour had three changes which directly affect the proper fit of our grips.
On the right you will find pictures of the profiles:
1. Standard version
2. Heavy Frame made by SIG (please take into consideration when ordering) bei Bestellung entsprechend berücksichtigen
3. Heavy Frame "new", which was made by Swiss Arms Neuhausen, tehse grips were manufactured with serial numbers higher than 325000.
4. SIG SAUER P210 Heavy Frame

II. Magazine catch

Traditionally the magazine catch of the P210 is located at the bottom of the frame ("European magazine catch").
There are versions which had a serial respectively supplementary magazine catch on the side of the frame ("American magazine catch")

Lanyard Ring
the P210 was build with and without lanyard. As we are producing grips with and without the slot we would like you to take this into consideration.

Tuning work
Being a very popular sporting tool the P210 is often subject to be tuned.
Work we often found are enlarged safeties and or magazine catchs. This may be very important for a proper fit of the grip.
Sometimes it is necessary to add the matching spare out in order to have a perfiect fit. This custom work is offered for a surcharge depending to the work. Pelase send us a picture of teh gun in order that we get an impression.

If you are not sure which grip is the right one for you we will be glad to support you. Please find here our P210 questionnaire (155 kB). Fill out the form and support us with meaningful pictures of the gun and send the email to info@nill-griffe .

Please also visit our informative links to the famous Master and Swiss Cross grips as well as to our tuning parts for the P210.