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Smith & Wesson J-frame r.b. with internal hammer - new combat grips

Better hold - better control - better results

The compact Smith & Wesson revolver are offering a lot of potential for personal defense, specially as a bug. But the potential needs control.

A fitting grip is absolultly needed in a situation which will not allow a second chance.

The latest member within the Nill grip family is the combat grip # SW2098 for S&W J-frame revolvers with internal hammer.

Due to it's unique design with the extended horn a lot of advantages will help you:

- Clear trigger pull against shrugging. The revolver will remain straight pointed to teh aim while pulling the trigger. This is a special advantage for revolvers with a high trigger weight.

- More control & positive recoil attitude. The space between thumb and pointing finger in the V of the hand will be filled. As the recoil will be shared on the complete hand the revolver will be more controllable as well as the recoil will be managed easier. Both advantages will support faster and more accurate follow up shots.

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