• S&W K/L r.b. #SW03P8

  • S&W K/L r.b. #SW03P8

  • S&W M41 #SW11J8

  • S&W M41 #SW11G8

  • S&W N r.b. #SW016PHG8XL

  • Walther PPK #WA1258


Full steam ahead through the summer…

Wilfried Nill

Dear Visitor,

A turbulent first half of this year is over now – and our administration takes a break. Our office remains closed from Wednesday, 1st August to Friday 17th August 2018. Online shop orders coming in until Monday 30th July will be executed before our holiday.

During European Shooting Championship Shotgun in the Shootingpark Leobersdorf (Austria) we will be present from 4th August to 11th August 2018 with our service trailer. We offer the possibility for personal consulting and orthopaedic grip adjustment to all interested shooters there. Please contact us in due time by phone under +49747394340 to arrange an appointment. We are looking forward to your call / visit!

We want to wish you a pleasant and relaxing summer holiday as well.

Sincerely yours,

Wilfried Nill